In order to ventilate the room well it is not enough to open the window, because the fresh air disappears after a half-hour after it closes. Then the room starts to collect moisture, dust, bacteria that can cause headaches, nausea, allergies and respiratory disorders. Therefore, the premises must be ventilated regularly, because houses have to breathe the same way as we have. Proper ventilation - this fresh air 24 hours a day. In order to have a proper room ventilation is often necessary to heat or cool outdoor air, and this costs extra electricity. Heat recovery is the best choice for homes, apartments or office ventilation. Recuperators aid in giving the opportunity to have fresh air throughout the year, saving up to 80% of the heat that would have exhausted for incoming outdoor air heating. We offer a cost-recovery systems, whereas cellulosic heat exchanger design and shape of the HRV heat transfer coefficient is very high: the heating mode above 80%, the cooling mode, over 50%. It is also absorbs moisture so indoor air is not too dry. For These recuperators additional air heating is unnecessary up to -15 C outside temperature. Heat recovery has reasonable management system in accordance with indoor and outdoor temperatures, and by moisture. Also, the management of the HRV may be combined with other air-conditioned rooms. They are easily used and maintained, quiet. In addition, it can be equipped with a CO2 sensor, which enables exchanger automatically regulates the air flow by indoor pollution. In this way, saving energy and costs.

The main feature of the recuperators

The main feature of the recuperators - constant supply fresh air for your home. With our proposed environmental friendly recuperators will ventilate their premises especially sparingly. Ventilate the premises all year round - even when you close the windows.

Heat recovery takes energy from the exhaust indoor air and transmits it to the fresh air, which is supplied to the premises. Taken from the room air passes cellulose diamond-shaped heat exchanger, which transmits the room humidity and heat. Incoming fresh air must pass through the heat exchanger cellulose, from which absorbs moisture and heat. Recuperators transmit up to 80% of the heat and moisture during heating.

Cellulose heat exchanger plays not only good heat but also moisture. Because of these features indoor moisture loss is much smaller compared to conventional ventilation equipment. Since recovery systems can transmit moisture for these devices unnecessary additional drainage sewer system or additional electric heaters. We offer recovery systems can operate down to -15 C.

Outdoor and indoor air temperature is constantly monitored. When the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor air is too small to work effectively, the secondary heat exchanger system that opens the valve, and that way you can cheap frozen or saving heat exchanger.  

CO2 sensor technology. Using the optional CO2 sensor you can ventilate the premises only when necessary. The CO2 level is measured constantly, when he increased the device automatically increases the speed and restores the proper indoor air quality. Whereas the supply of air to the extent necessary, rekuperacinės system performance significantly increased. Nekenkiantis to the environment, because the materials used comply with the RoHS directive. RoHS directive (the use of hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment5) finely and coarsely home electronics, IT systems, equipment, lighting, toys, sports and leisure goods.   Particularly quiet. Our work significantly quieter than usual recuperators with air ventilation equipment.  


BLDC motor saves electricity. Most of our used AHU BLDC motor. These engines create a stable static pressure and is durable. They also use less electricity and can save up to 48% of the energy costs in comparison with a conventional engine.

Easy installation

Install anywhere! Exchanger mounted horizontally, vertically, or even crosswise. This will allow you to save space especially when installed in some devices. You will also need less space for service access.

Easily compatible

Recuperative system can be connected to any air conditioning system.

We offer you the following heat recovery ventilation:

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    • Model
    • Air flow m3 / h (Low, High, Turbo)
    • E. Power, kW (Low, High, Turbo)
    • Setup duct, mm


      • EPVS-1300

      • 1280
      • 250
      • 450
      • Air flow m3 / h (Low, High, Turbo)1280
      • Setup duct, mm:250
      • E. Power, kW (Low, High, Turbo)450
      • EPVS-1100

      • 1100
      • 250
      • 320
      • Air flow m3 / h (Low, High, Turbo)1100
      • Setup duct, mm:250
      • E. Power, kW (Low, High, Turbo)320
      • EPVS-650

      • 650
      • 195
      • 190
      • Air flow m3 / h (Low, High, Turbo)650
      • Setup duct, mm:195
      • E. Power, kW (Low, High, Turbo)190
      • EPVS-450

      • 440
      • 145
      • 140
      • Air flow m3 / h (Low, High, Turbo)440
      • Setup duct, mm:145
      • E. Power, kW (Low, High, Turbo)140
      • EPVS-350

      • 340
      • 145
      • 105
      • Air flow m3 / h (Low, High, Turbo)340
      • Setup duct, mm:145
      • E. Power, kW (Low, High, Turbo)105
      • EPVS-200

      • 205
      • 95
      • 75
      • Air flow m3 / h (Low, High, Turbo)205
      • Setup duct, mm:95
      • E. Power, kW (Low, High, Turbo)75
    • Model
    • Air flow m3 / h (Low, High, Turbo)
    • E. Power, kW (Low, High, Turbo)
    • Setup duct, mm


      • RHF025EE

      • 180/250/250
      • 150
      • 85/105/120
      • Air flow m3 / h (Low, High, Turbo)180/250/250
      • Setup duct, mm:150
      • E. Power, kW (Low, High, Turbo)85/105/120
      • RHF035EE

      • 260/350/350
      • 200
      • 85/100/115
      • Air flow m3 / h (Low, High, Turbo)260/350/350
      • Setup duct, mm:200
      • E. Power, kW (Low, High, Turbo)85/100/115
      • RHF080EE

      • 600/800/800
      • 250
      • 240/290/340
      • Air flow m3 / h (Low, High, Turbo)600/800/800
      • Setup duct, mm:250
      • E. Power, kW (Low, High, Turbo)240/290/340
      • RHF100EE

      • 670/1000/1000
      • 250
      • 320/380/460
      • Air flow m3 / h (Low, High, Turbo)670/1000/1000
      • Setup duct, mm:250
      • E. Power, kW (Low, High, Turbo)320/380/460