JSC “Perfect comfort”

10 years of experience specializing in air conditioning, ventilation, recuperation. We provide consulting, installation, and post-warranty service and repair. Our air conditioners are modern, cost-effective, reliable, and meet the highest requirements. When working with several manufacturers can offer the most optimal for all your needs of the air conditioners, which will create a comfortable environment for you, as well we collaborate with various partners and have long-term relationships with partners and suppliers.


We specialize in offering various profiles of conditioning for small and medium businesses as well as individuals or just household.


We fully consider the customer’s needs and we are ready to provide the products that will ensure that you maintain a comfortable environment as long as possible. We provide value for money. We offer our customers cost-effective and highly reliable air conditioningю




You should CHOOSE tobulaskomfortas.lt because:

We are reliable partners. We sell conditioners in Kaunas and throughout Lithuania. We offer products at affordable prices. We appreciate and value every customer. For regular customers we offer special discounts and offers.