Saulės kolektoriai

Solar collectors

Solar energy is the most important of all renewable energy sources. It is clean, does not exhaust the waste and is necessary for almost every wild-going process. Recently, the solar energy is receiving increasing attention and people have taken to adapt it to their needs. One way to use solar energy is solar panels are devices for hot water heating. With such a device in your home yard or on the roof of the house, you can enjoy all year round warm water and low cost.


Brief solar collector

Solar energy converts to thermal energy and it is used in a solar collector system  made up of the storage water heater, pump module, automatic control, expansion tank, piping, insulation, etc. The entire system is primarily designed to be  resistant to high temperatures. The solar system and the number of water tank depends on the water content and from the system. To produce hot water for 3-4 person family small systems of a 30-tube solar collectors 300 and a hot water tank may be enough, but if there is more demand for hot water or the it is desired to partially use solar energy for room heating, more powerful engines are required.

Solar species

Solar collectors are divided into the vacuum and flat plate. Amid them, the main difference is the appearance and usability.

Flat plate solar collectors are used particularly widely, not only because of their attractive appearance, but also because of simple maintenance and high durability. Main advantages of these collectors is that they are quickly and easily installed, great value for money, impeccable design - various possibilities for connections and dimensions. In order to effectively utilize the solar energy used during the colder round solar collectors. Round vacuum solar collectors most important feature is that the tube in which circulates the heat carrier, is placed in a vacuum for sophisticated production technology of high quality vacuum collectors are more expensive than flat solar collector. Also vacuum solar system requires relatively more maintenance than flat solar panels. This collector is as easy to install a variety of sizes and connection options. How long does it take for solar installation to pay off? Solar collectors are much more affordable than other solar water heating systems. Depending on your location (solar levels) and the amount of hot water used, saved electricity or gas vary. However, in normal households where electricity bill consists of water heating, the full purchase price due to reduced bills will pay off in 3-4 years. Solar hot water heater will really save a significant amount of money.