Solar collectors and photocells

Solar Modules are equipment that turn solar energy into electricity. Photocells operates not only in clear weather, but also when cloudy. When rainy, less energy is produced. Photocells are convenient to use because it is relatively easy, it does not take up much space, quiet. We offer the latest generation of photovoltaic modules intended for transmission to the network or the use of stand-alone systems: emergency power supply, water transmission systems, solar power control, telecommunication or traffic signals.   Solar collectors are one of the fast-rising share of renewable energy inventions. More than seven months of the year solar collectors can fully meet the hot water needs. Hot water heating is particularly relevant during the warm season, when the heating is turned off buildings. In summer, water is solar heated with the help of up to + 80C, and more, during the cold period of a sunny day, the water can warm up to + 30-50C. Solar collectors can be used not only in hot water but also to heat swimming pool water. The collectors are also suitable for floor heating. To heat a greater quantity of water can be multiple manifold assembly enters sequence side by side.
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