Heat pumps

Heat pumps are one of the most popular renewable energy sources. Heat pumps take energy from the surrounding environment, which is free and transfers it to the building for heating and cooling needs. With proper selection and properly combined and adjusted units, we will have a very efficient device. This system does not require a large investment, it's easely maintainable, environment-friendly, takes up little space and is usually connected to the home heating system.

Why choose environmentally friendly heating system?

Perfect in regard of enviroment safety climate control system for your home. Environmentally-friendly heating system uses renewable resources provides underfloor heating and hot water.

Air - air

Air - air system quickly creates the comfort in your home by ensuring the required temperature. In winter - warm in summer - cool and ventilated.  

Air - water

Air - water system not only creates the comfort of your home, but also significantly reduce heating costs. The system uses outside air for floor heating, radiators and hot water. Environmentally-friendly heating system that uses renewable resources underfloor heating and hot water and ventilation. You can now use environmentally friendly heating system throughout the year winter - heating, summer - ventilation.

Main heat pump features:

  • Maximum energy efficiency - COP up to 5.68.
  • Multifunctional system capable of simultaneously heating both the water and air. Thanks to the synergy effect of the room warmed much faster and cheaper.
  • Water treatment unit consists of: high efficiency plate heat exchanger, electric heater (2 + 2 + 2kW or 4kW), circulation pump, expansion tank and automatic control.
  • The system can be installed on hot water boiler, solar panels, additional heat sources and so on.
  • High efficiency at low outdoor temperatures: at an outdoor temperature of -10 ° C energy efficiency remains 90%.
  • Reliable anti-freeze system to -25 C.
  • During the summer, the air conditioning can.
  • As one system can and heat, and to condition the space - enough for a single outdoor unit.
  • You can set the desired temperature of the water or choose the automatic mode, which automatically adjusts the flow temperature depending on the outside temperature.
  • Adjustable temperature range: 15-55 C water, air 16-30 C and 30-70 C boiler.

We offer three types of heat pumps:

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